Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Graphic Novel

I did this last year but just never got around to posting it...I suppose the main reason for this is that I was never really satisfied with it...the pace of the story is ok, and the backgrounds are acceptable if perhaps a little generic, but the main boy character is just way too stiff...there seems to be no life to him at all and there isnt any real noticable characteristics to him...its funny because in my sketch books and in my rough work I seemed to draw him really loosely and energetically, but when I came round to presenting him properly the drawings were less expansive....Ive decided Iam going to start the whole story again, I want it more atmospheric than it is here, ah well you live and learn...


nangle@optusnet.com.au said...

stumbled across this looking for cuchulainn pics.

it seems to have potential:)
from what ive seen of your fluid concept sketches, id suggest working straight into the final pieces.leave it a little stylised, and you might be happier with it

let me know how it goes, id be interested to see how it turns out

P Tinkler said...

Thanks for the comments. I think you have a very valid point in suggesting that I carry the concept sketch style more into my final drawings. There would be a more individual/personal feel to my work if I were to approach it this way I think. Thanks again for your thoughts.