Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreams are the Genus: Nightmares the Species

"Dreams are the Genus: Nightmares the Species", the brand new collaborative, illustrative book is all the way here, now!
Featuring the artwork of 8 different illustratotrs, and the poetic skills of Helen Calcutt, it is a book not to be missed!
Each artist was free to weave their dreamscapes (or nightmares) on 3 seperate pages, based on the themes of nightmares and fairytales.
Instead of illustrating 3 pages, it transpired that I would have one single page illustration, and a double-page spread. Cool.
I based both my illustrations on fairytales, which is "slap you in the face with a dead squirrel" obvious I suppose.
Well here they are, all shiny and finished and the like.
The pleasures of progress...

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