Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Semblance of Self (Self-Portrait)

This is quite simply a bit of practice, as I can't imagine using it for anything specific other than that. I tried to do an honest representation, to capture a certain mood in which I find myself in frequently these days...
I enjoyed this painting very much, as I'm slowly beginning to loosen up my application of paint, although I still need to take it further without jeopardising the familiarity of the 'sitter'.


Micah Shepherd said...

Your work is refreshing, the pieces you have created are pure inspiration. You manipulate the brush in a way that justifies the word 'art', my only disappointment is that I cannot see more.

P Tinkler said...

Thanks a lot for that comment Micah, its very much appreciated.
An artist can only endeavour to better his work through hard work and persistence, as he is himself always a work in progress.