Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beyond the Wall book cover...

Sometimes when I get a brief I have a really strong idea of how I want to approach it, how it will look, etc. With this I struggled initially with how to solve it. I was given one poem to read over out of the whole collection, and had to base the cover on that. The poem wasn't the problem (which is full of great imagery), its just that I couldn't connect with anything in it in terms of having it as an all encompassing image. After some thumbnail sketches (more than I've shown here), I finally managed to settle on the above concept, which I thought was apt for a selection of children's writings...just before I was faced with the possibility of despair. I don't tend to go in for pen and ink images, but they wanted something minimalist, and after a brief wobble I got well into it and really enjoyed the process.

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