Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Through the Woods" book

We have finally negotiated our way Through the Woods, it is available to hold, caress, nurture and love. Perhaps I have exaggerated but it is a lovely publication. The above images don't do the printing quality justice (my scanner needs retiring I think). I have attached the front and back covers, along with a few teasers to give you an idea of the content. We finally decided that there would be no text on the cover, just the plain image front and back. Although a risky enough venture, I think it was a good decision, but you can make up your own minds on that. It was hugely rewarding to work with the other contributors- both David Calcutt and Nadia Kingsley's poems are wonderful, both very different as well. It has to be stressed that the illustrations are not based on the text. Each of us has responded to the woods in our own way, and have produced different narratives on the same theme. I hope to work with Fair Acre Press again in the not too distant future...

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