Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The first in a series of light hearted self-portraits I have planned. I enjoyed this pic. I've just recently finished reading "Steppenwolf", and although I had this idea long before I read the book, it has added more depth to the illustration. The area below my face arguably needs better lighting to draw the eye a little easier to the focal point, but generally I think it does work. The next installment in the series is probably more gruesome than this pic but not as dark...

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P Tinkler said...

"I was lying awake
Watching myself lying awake
On the spread sheet of the tundra.

Stars like jewels of carved ice.
A night like a hollow stone drum.

And wolves feeding off my body.

Three of them, two with muzzles pushed down and
The third with its teeth clamped
Around a ribboned length of intestine,
Drawing it out from the wound in my side.

I was gazing elsewhere,
Seemingly unconcerned.
I was gazing into a great distance
Where there was no butchery or pain,

Only a kind of joy.

I knew I was being healed,
These three wolves were some savage god's
And with each torn mouthful
They were making me whole.

Soon all that would remain of me would be little
altar of bones
Where the arctic wind sang and worshipped.

Long before this, I woke,
And rose to re-assemble my day,

Staring first into my mirror that stared back faceless. "
David Calcutt