Friday, June 04, 2010

Tiamat and Marduk

A representation of two of the oldest characters in world mythology, roughly dating as far back as 3000BC.
The woman, Tiamat, is described in Sumerian myth as a kind of she-dragon, who was present when the world was created, thereby symbolising the original mother goddess.
She was originally portrayed as a benevolent force by the Sumerian's, but for varying reasons this was eventually to change once the myth was adopted by the Babylonians.
Later she is described as destructive, and so Marduk, a Babylonian god, is sent to destroy her.
Personally I prefer the original incarnation of Tiamat, and therefore have purposefully shown Marduk as the aggressor, thereby fulfilling the role of man throughout human history.


Dawn Remington said...

perfect :)

Charlotte Smith said...

I think you've done a fantastic job with this. Well done.

Charlotte Smith said...

I'm just typing up a blog post on the Babylonian creation myth and I wondered if you would mind if I use the top image to illustrate it. As I said in my previous comment, it is a fantastic piece of art and I love how you've portrayed the two characters. I will of course credit you and link the image to your blog. Please let me know what you think and thank you for your time.

P Tinkler said...

Hi Charlotte, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Yes, go ahead with it and good luck! Thank you for asking for permission, as not everyone is so polite.
All the best,

Julio said...

It is indeed a nice pic. Could I use your picture of Tiamat as well? I'm writing a post about ancient dragons and its origins (it will be in Spanish and English), I'll certainly share the links to your blog and web-site as well.

P Tinkler said...

Hi Julio,

Go right ahead, all the best with it. Use the link to my website as well if you wouldn't mind please-

Good luck with it. Send me the post as well, I'd find it interesting to read.

Julio said...

Thank you! Here is the link to my post:

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