Monday, April 23, 2012

The Incredible Finvention

"From the moment he got home from school, his hands were busy with cardboard, string, and sellotape. He collected small light bulbs that flashed, nuts and bolts, old remote controls. He hid away his Father's tools and worked furiously into the night on his Finventions..." This is an illustration based on a children's story. It was a welcome break away from the painting I'm working on, not least to do a perspective drawing again. I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted this to look almost from the off, and considering it was a very tight deadline, I'm fairly pleased with it; it was a lot of fun actually. It has since been rendered in pencil (no colour with this one), but I had to send it off in the post before I could scan it in. When its returned to me I'll have the final drawing scanned in and posted here.


Anonymous said...

Love the illustrations! I am Beth Banner who wrote the story The Incredible Finvention and have just showed your drawings to my son Finn who is over the moon!

P Tinkler said...

Thanks Beth, I very much appreciate your comment. I'm delighted Finn is happy with it too.