Monday, February 24, 2014

Book illustrations sneaky peek...

Here are a couple of the finished book illustrations for the St Giles Hospice project. Its been a stern challenge, but such challenges improve us of course. I did four paintings and nine drawings in total for the book. I choose charcoal and graphite as my drawing medium so as to get some spontaneity and looseness into them, but also to give them that sense of memories being recalled. Memories are often devoid of excessive detail, and can have a kind of dreamlike haziness about them. That is what I was going for anyway...

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PedroT said...

The drawing of the hands makes me think of this:

'Hands more of a piece with your tractor
Than with their own nerves,
Having no more compunction than dung-forks,
But suave as warm oil inside the wombs of ewes,
And monkey delicate'

Both a favourite of mine, stunning.