Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Sacre Beer label Part II...process

The title I had to work with for this beer was "Blood lust of Ocipio", which is obscure to say the least. But once again I was free to interpret it how I wished. It didn't turn out how I initially planned it, mostly because of how little time I had, but it is what it is. Ocipio is a made-up name, but it sounded like something from the ancient world, so that was the first train of thought for me. I originally had the idea of mythic face masks and designs throughout the image, but that ended up being stripped down a little. It is in reference to our ancient warrior instincts, but also our very human and destructive penchant for violence, revenge, and the macabre. However, I thought it would be more interesting visually to illustrate the moment before the violence, so therefore a more meditative stance. 'Ocipio' is the the attacker in my mind, so therefore out of the 'shot'. The crouched figure is defending himself against his rage. The shield is a symbol of the angry Buddha. The masked man is caught between two great dualities- peace or aggression. One side of the mask is reflective, meditative. Whilst the other is primed for strife (that is why that side of the mask is staring intently at the gnarled hand gripping the instrument of war, the spear). I'm looking at doing another label, and the idea is each one will be rendered using a different medium. This one was executed using pen and inks.

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